Cesar has been in the fitness world for the majority of his life - specifically a trainer for over 13 years. His motivation to become a trainer came from the constant prodding from his peers in the bodybuilding world  who encouraged him to pursue his passion.

Cesar brings creative ways to design programs, and a level of patience to achieve any goal. His speciality, metabolic training, empowers clients to push themselves to achieve their goals and work past their limitations. He has a broad range of specialities ranging from corrective movement to sports performance all while having fun with his clients. Cesar’s brand,  Omega fitness was chosen by him to say, “I’m the one who can help you from the beginning, to the end of your fitness journey."




Dakota has been a trainer, and competition coach for over 20 years. She brings her own twist on training and nutrition to her clients, specifically customized to the individual's goals. Known as “The Transformer”, Dakota, a former national-level competitor herself is known as one of Portland’s best coaches for bikini, figure and physique competitors with a huge track record of success. She is also a posing/prep coach for Team AlphaStarr. This expertise can translate to ANYONE who is wanting to look their ultimate best. "Aesthetics is about achieving the body you’ve always dreamed of and I know that nothing is impossible. Anyone’s dream can come true. Mine did!" 


Co-Owner/Trainer/Massage Therapist

Lexi has been a personal trainer for 8 years. She began her fitness journey to become stronger and to lose weight. By providing accountability for herself at first, and achieving success, she then wanted to help others with their weight struggles. "If I could do it, anyone can,” she says. Lexi focuses on functional movement with emphasis on correct form, and provides motivational support to her people to help them feel strong in their bodies. Lexi empowers her clients to push themselves to their limits regardless of their current shape and physical capability, all while having a good time!

Lexi has been a licensed massage therapist for years after contemplating becoming one since the age of 18! You might ask why did she wait so long before achieving this dream? “I’ve always had a life full of different interests ranging from dancing, music, baking and so much more. When I knew I had a trade that would enhance my knowledge of the body in action and at rest, I decided it was natural to add massage to my portfolio of skills." Lexi performs structural integration with a mix of deep tissue specialty which enables her to increase performance, reduce injury and help with pain reduction from overuse or previous injury.




Jen has been a trainer for over 5 years. Her specialities include strength training modalities including powerlifting, general strength, and Olympic lifting. Jen currently competes in the USPA powerlifting competitions and coaches other competitors as well. She is the head of The Fortitude Powerlifting Team, one of Portland’s best. Her infamous group trainings are held every Monday and Wednesday evenings. Jen brings a ton of energy and amazing vibes to both her individual clientele and her close-knit family of powerlifting athletes. Her mantra, “Knowledge is power. If you want to be the best, you must stay humble and keep learning.”

Louis Simmons



Co-Owner/Massage Therapist

Matt, a graduate from the highly coveted University of Western States Massage Program has over 6 years of experience working as a massage therapist, both in private practice and alongside chiropractic professionals. Interestingly enough, Matt had been in a completely different line of work as a stationary engineer, a career he loved. He enjoyed working on and fixing equipment to keep everything running. Matt, unfortunately (and fortunately  was laid off his job, but soon turned this heartbreak around when he decided to step out of his comfort zone and set his sights on Massage Therapy.. “One door opened because another closed, and instead of using my hands to work on equipment, I have the opportunity to work on people, allowing them relief from chronic pain and injury and stress. I love what I do.”  Matt specializes in deep tissue massage. Realizing that every body is uniquely different, he focuses on the personalized needs and energy of the client by getting a thorough read on them.