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Forged by Fire

Our gym has been

thoughtfully designed 

to help you achieve your

maximum potential

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Meet the Team

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Personal Trainer

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Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer

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Your Well-Being
Comes First

We are Portland’s premier personal training gym. Whether you want aesthetics, strength, powerlifting, corrective exercise, sports performance... we offer every modality you can think of in a unique community environment.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality training programs for our clients. Through the use of modern technology and equipment, we are able to accurately assess each individual's needs and lead them to success with a focused program.

Our athletic training programs are personalized to your unique needs and feature a variety of techniques that optimize functional fitness.


Flexibility, balance, coordination, speed and power are a few of the benchmarks we use to assess performance, and we encourage friendly competition through notable cross fit workouts like the Murph.

Iron Mecca PDX is dedicated to providing a safe space for everyone to grow and learn. Our gym is thoughtfully designed to promote the efficiency of your workouts. Our personal trainers and clients are consistently inspired by the achievements of the members of our community. 

Featured Equipment

For your benefit, Iron Mecca provides access to some of the highest quality equipment available.

Rogue Equipment-1.jpg

Rogue Gymnastic Rings

Olympic weightlifting equipment is provided for those who are pursuing higher levels of athletic performance.


Rogue Echo Bikes

Iron Mecca is stocked with 2 new Rogue Echo bikes which make cycling a breeze. 

Iron Mecca Background-4.jpg

Kettlebells, Barbells & Free Weights

The gym is fully equipped with two squat racks, multiple barbells, as well as matching sets of dumbbells and kettlebells.

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